ESC2 | Spectrum, Society and Communication 2: Digital Radio in Brazilian Context November 26-28, 2013 | Rio de Janeiro

The second edition of International Conference “Spectrum, Society and Communication” will be dedicated to the theme of digital radio, of interactivity through this medium and the necessary spectrum allocation for its implementation.

Aiming at to promote knowledge production, innovation, and the technological exchange about Digital Radio, addressing the theme through an interdisciplinary approach, we gather important actors of national academy, organized civil society, engineers and public managers who participates actively on the definition process of the Latin America Digital Radio System.

We understand that this is a necessary gathering, because this theme is essentially a technological question which, nevertheless, carries important social, political and economical implications.

By means of the activities developed during ESC2 we look for strengthen the articulation of a network of researchers that already works on the theme and spread this research field to the undergraduate and graduate students.